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  • Red Hat Updates OpenShift Online Developers' Platform
  • What Is DNF Package Manager And How To Use It
  • Increase your Linux server Internet speed with TCP BBR congestion control
  • deepin 15.4.1 Linux Distro Launches with a Focus on Details, Launcher Mini Mode
  • How to use Libraries.io data from millions of open source projects
  • Internet Bug Bounty Raises New Funding to Improve Open-Source Security
  • GoDaddy Terminates Cloud Server Business
  • Linux 4.11 vs. 4.12 vs. 4.13-rc1 Intel Kabylake Graphics Tests
  • Remote Sessions Over IPv6 with SSH, SCP, and Rsync
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  • Microsoft Launches A Counterattack Against Russia's 'Fancy Bear' Hackers
  • Are Nondisparagement Agreements Silencing Employee Complaints?
  • IEEE Spectrum Declares Python The #1 Programming Language
  • Ask Slashdot: Someone Else Is Using My Email Address
  • Mozilla's New Open Source Voice-Recognition Project Wants Your Voice
  • Debian, Gnome Patched 'Bad Taste' VBScript-Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Save NASA's Mission Control
  • Steve Jobs' Life Is Now An Opera
  • Let's Encrypt Criticized Over Speedy HTTPS Certifications
  • A New Sampling Algorithm Could Eliminate Sensor Saturation
  • The US And Australia Are Testing Hypersonic Missiles
  • Linus Torvalds Now Reviews Gadgets On Google+
  • Facebook Petitioned To Change License For ReactJS
  • Nolan's Cinematic Vision in 'Dunkirk' is Hollywood's Best Defense Against Netflix
  • For Seattle Women Called Alexa, Frustrating To Share Name With Amazon Device
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