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  • Optimize JPEG/JPG Images in Ubuntu with Jpegoptim
  • How To Automatically Disable Touchpad When Typing In Ubuntu
  • Maestral Is A New Open Source Dropbox Client For Linux And macOS
  • GLava - OpenGL audio spectrum visualizer for desktop windows or backgrounds
  • Beginner's guide on how to git stash :- A GIT Tutorial
  • Shrinking Linux Attack Surfaces
  • How to Find Out Top Directories and Files (Disk Space) in Linux
  • How to Install and Use WP CLI on Linux
  • How to Install Snap Applications in Arch Linux
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  • Largest Hybrid Electric Plane Set To Take Flight
  • Quantum Leap From Australian Research Promises Super-Fast Computing Power
  • Professor Patrick Winston, Former Director of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Dies At 76
  • James Bond Was Going To Fight Robot Sharks With Nukes In New York's Sewers
  • A California Bill Could Destroy Uber's Unsustainable Business Model
  • New York Signs Biggest Offshore Wind Project Deal In the Nation
  • Alaska's Engineering Colleges Prepare To Slash Programs, Lay Off Faculty
  • Emotion-Detection Applications Are Built On Outdated Science, Report Warns
  • QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Firm iNSYNQ Hit In Ransomware Attack
  • Chrome 76 Prevents NYT and Other News Sites From Detecting Incognito Mode
  • Smart Money Said 'Skip Bitcoin, Bet on Blockchain.' Not Any More
  • Arctic Summer Melt Shows Ice Is Disappearing Faster Than Normal
  • My Browser, the Spy: How Extensions Slurped Up Browsing Histories From 4M Users
  • A Rust-Based TLS Library Outperformed OpenSSL in Almost Every Category
  • Researchers Have Teamed Up in India To Build a Gigantic Store of Texts and Images Extracted From 73M Journal Articles
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