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  • NHS: Thanks for the free work, Linux nerds, now face our trademark cops
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  • Netflix Is Now Worth More Than $100 Billion
  • Google Just Broke Amazon's Workaround For YouTube On Fire TV
  • New Study Finds No Link Between Violent Video Games and Behavior
  • Tesla Owner Attempts Autopilot Defense During DUI Stop
  • Facebook Announces That It Has Invented a New Unit of Time
  • Trump Administration Approves Tariffs of 30 Percent On Imported Solar Panels
  • Rupert Murdoch Pushes Facebook To Pay For News To Guarantee Quality
  • Android Can Now Tell You How Fast Wi-Fi Networks Are Before You Join Them
  • UK Hospitals Can Now Store Confidential Patient Records In the Public Cloud
  • Montana Becomes First State To Implement Net Neutrality After FCC Repeal
  • Linux 4.15 Becomes Slowest Release Since 2011
  • China, Unhampered by Rules, Races Ahead in Gene-Editing Trials
  • Corporate Cultural Issues Hold Back Secure Software Development
  • Intel Urges OEMs and End Users To Stop Deploying Spectre Patch As It May 'Introduce Higher Than Expected Reboots'
  • iTunes Snafu Made 'Thor: Ragnarok' Available Almost a Month Early
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