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  • Chrome 83 is rolling out and full of changes big and small
  • Linux desktop org GNOME Foundation settles lawsuit with patent troll
  • How to Install Kernel Updates On Ubuntu without Rebooting
  • Linux security: 8 more system lockdown controls
  • LibreOffice 6.4.4 Is Now Available for Download with 98 Bug Fixes
  • How To Create Multiboot USB Drives With Ventoy In Linux
  • The challenges and opportunities of open source Database as a Service
  • Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Review: Smooth, Polished & Plenty of Changes
  • How to Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04
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  • Open Source Security Report Finds Library-Induced Flaws in 70% of Applications
  • With Highway Traffic Down, Are Reckless Drivers Still Increasing Highway Fatalities?
  • Munich Says It's Now Shifting Back From Microsoft to Open Source Software -- Again
  • Java Programming Language Celebrates Its 25th Birthday. What's Next?
  • America's CDC and 11 States Erroneously Conflated Two Kinds of Coronavirus Tests
  • Trump Administration Mulls First US Nuclear Test in Decades
  • America Makes a Big Investment In Next-Gen Nuclear Power
  • Lockdown-Ignoring Sweden Now Has Europe's Highest Per-Capita Death Rate
  • Firefox 78 To Prevent Websites From Forcing Users To Save PDF Documents
  • After 37 Years Microsoft Open Sources GW-BASIC
  • Public Release of Newest Imperial College Report for the UK Delayed By 'Politicized Nature' of Lockdown Debate
  • New Imperial College Research Estimates Coronavirus Still Spreading Uncontrolled in 24 US States
  • Pandemic Brings Huge Spike In Demand For Plant-Based Meat Alternatives
  • Study of 96,000 Covid-19 Patients Finds Hydroxychloroquine Increased Their Risk of Dying
  • As Demand Plummets This Weekend, UK Renewable Energy Projects May Be Asked To Turn Off
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