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  • DigiCert, Gemalto, ISARA Partner for Quantum-Safe Encryption
  • Linux firewalls: What you need to know about iptables and firewalld
  • Alternative Linux-centric App Stores to Google Play for Chrome OS
  • 16 Useful Bandwidth Monitoring Tools to Analyze Network Usage in Linux
  • Escuelas Linux Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Major Release, Here's What's New
  • Cloudflare Secures Time With Roughtime Protocol Service
  • How to Encrypt USB Drive on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • "Master Password" Is A Password Manager Alternative That Doesn't Store Passwords
  • How to Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu
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  • Streaming Accounts For 75 Percent of Music Industry Revenue In the US
  • Japan Has Attempted To Land Two Tiny Rovers On a Distant Asteroid
  • Massive Undersea Walls Could Stop Glaciers From Melting, Scientists Say
  • Southern California Sees Its Longest Streak of Bad Air In Decades
  • Amazon Is Making It Easier To Set Up New IoT Gadgets
  • FCC Angers Cities, Towns With $2 Billion Giveaway To Wireless Carriers
  • iPhone XS Teardown Shows Few Changes Aside From the Battery
  • Telltale Games Hit With Major Layoffs As Part of a 'Majority Studio Closure'
  • Google Employees Discussed Tweaking Search Results To Counter Trump's Travel Ban
  • Divers Are Attempting To Regrow Great Barrier Reef With Electricity
  • Huawei Trolls Apple By Giving Battery Packs To People Waiting in Line For the iPhone XS
  • Magic Leap is Pushing To Land a Contract With US Army To Build AR Devices For Soldiers To Use On Combat Missions, Documents Reveal
  • Twitter Notifies Developers About API Bug That Shared DMs With Wrong Developers
  • Romanian Ransomware Suspect Pleads Guilty To Hacking CCTVs in Washington DC
  • Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans To Closely Track Search Users in China: The Intercept
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