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  • Open Source Security Report Finds Library-Induced Flaws in 70% of Applications
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  • Java Programming Language Celebrates Its 25th Birthday. What's Next?
  • America's CDC and 11 States Erroneously Conflated Two Kinds of Coronavirus Tests
  • Trump Administration Mulls First US Nuclear Test in Decades
  • America Makes a Big Investment In Next-Gen Nuclear Power
  • Lockdown-Ignoring Sweden Now Has Europe's Highest Per-Capita Death Rate
  • Firefox 78 To Prevent Websites From Forcing Users To Save PDF Documents
  • After 37 Years Microsoft Open Sources GW-BASIC
  • Public Release of Newest Imperial College Report for the UK Delayed By 'Politicized Nature' of Lockdown Debate
  • New Imperial College Research Estimates Coronavirus Still Spreading Uncontrolled in 24 US States
  • Pandemic Brings Huge Spike In Demand For Plant-Based Meat Alternatives
  • Study of 96,000 Covid-19 Patients Finds Hydroxychloroquine Increased Their Risk of Dying
  • As Demand Plummets This Weekend, UK Renewable Energy Projects May Be Asked To Turn Off
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  • The #Linux game

    Sometimes we may play this game in #linux. The premise is simple. Players take turns typing a single word. The idea is to tie together the word into a coherent and often wacky sentence. The idea is to make the sentence as long as possible, think "deep thoughts".

  • The game is started when someone says hi and nothing else. For example <GrayWolf> hi
  • Turn order will be determined by the first player.
  • All players go in order. If you go out of turn your comment will be ignored.
  • If you want to join the game type <I will play> and you may go the next round (after the last player). If you do not know the last player ask, do not just jump in.
  • All those not playing the game are free to talk. Simply ignore their statements.
  • The only time you may type more then one word is with the phrase 'monkey banana ass'.
  • Any user may end a sentence with a period, however, it must follow a word. If the players prefer a new sentence can be started immediatly by the next person.
  • There is no msg'ing other players. This rule is enforced very harshly via the honor system. If you just *HAVE* to msg someone trust me on this. Just msg one person, part of the fun is having the sentence you want changed so unexpectedly that you have to laugh.
  • The word penguin is encouraged.

    Let us know how to make the game better by telling an op who is playing. We are currently looking for a good method of choosing order of play

    The boredom required to invent this game shall forever be credited to mattjf, ardya, and GrayWolf. It was inspired by coet who joined and said "hi".

    Previous games

    while dancing my lap dance, gora sat being enthusastic about penguins acting out sick anal probing on his replica of his mother fucking monkey banana ass, as sixteen rectums were dropping stinky cocks on seventeen clones of foolish snaggletoothed hookers mith had sex and breakfast with.

    Never use condoms from old sessions which involved disease induced penguins from zanzabar's anus else horrible things might sporadicly discharge

    big noses look wonderfully gross covered in cum stains.

    penguins smell spicy and look a lot of rectums in the eyes and grow like those beaked thingies you know are big and green and hairy like a cock from the farm that woke my damn lazy good looking mule.

    fuck the man in the monkey banana ass overall's with a big stain on the crotch.

    Unfortunate things happen when dogs lick monkey banana ass around mith's small backyard where large and hairy manboobs lactate in extreme profusion.

    After 3,000,000 bitches I couldn't stand straight or entice one billion chinese monkeys bred for fucked ancient coochie smoochie koo so I inserted a megabig monkey banana ass into my peepeehole.

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