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  • How to show dropped packets per interface on Linux
  • Linux permissions: SUID, SGID, and sticky bit
  • Parted Magic Officially Migrates from OpenBox to XFCE
  • How To Prevent Eye Strain Using SafeEyes In Linux
  • You Can Now Run Ubuntu Unity on Your Raspberry Pi
  • How to Backup and Restore a PostgreSQL Database
  • struct page, the Linux physical page frame data structure
  • Linux 5.9: Not a game-changer, but a good, solid Linux kernel
  • Create Bootable USB Drive With USBImager In Linux
  • Slashdot


  • Microsoft Forces Windows 10 Restarts -- To Install 'Unsolicited, Unwanted' Office Apps
  • What If the Government Ran a Social Network?
  • Another California City Launches a Two-Year Guaranteed Income Program
  • Three npm Packages Opened Remote-Access Shells on Linux and Windows Systems
  • Stupid Russian Disinformation Campaign Targets Oxford Vaccine
  • China Bans Internet Services Which 'Induce Addiction' In Children
  • Is QAnon an 8Chan Game Gone Wrong?
  • 3 TB of Private Webcam/Home Security Video Leaked on Porn Sites
  • Zeptoseconds! Scientists Measure the Shortest Unit of Time Ever
  • Fitness Influencer Who'd Believed Covid-19 'Didn't Exist' Dies of Covid-19
  • Cloudflare Offers 'Isolated' Cloud-Based Browser, Plus a Network-as-a-Service Solution
  • Tesla Drops Its 7-Day Return Policy
  • Linux 5.10 Solves the Year 2038 Problem Until 2486
  • Bill Gates Asked Microsoft's 'Junior Engineer' Job Interview Question
  • Google's Internal Data Suggests Employees Feel Less Productive At Home
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